Client Testimonial - Underground Coal Miner

Our client worked for many years as an underground coal miner in the Hunter Valley. Sadly he was unable to continue to work in the coal industry following a serious and life changing injury.

We represented our client in proceedings in both the District & Supreme Court of New South Wales. Our role was to offer support whilst guiding him through the compensation process to achieve a resolution of his legal claim to enable him to move forward in his life.

Our client told us that when he was recommended to Shaw & Bunner Legal, he was told that we were a new firm just starting out however we had extensive experience in the coal industry. He provided us with the following testimonial:-

“After the first meeting I was very comfortable and confident that Shaw & Bunner could represent me and support my family in this process, which was going to give me the ability to move forward to a brighter happier future.

All meetings and correspondence was conducted on time and explained in a clear and precise manner. The ability to contact and talk to Gemma or Kerri over the phone or face to face at short notice I found very important.

The explanation of the process was one thing that stood out for me. What I was about to embark on was very daunting, but having clear precise communication with everything explained at a level that a person without a law degree can understand was super important through the process. I always had comfort in asking questions no matter how basic they may have been.

I would not hesitate to recommend Shaw & Bunner, the down to earth but professional approach to their work put me at ease. This question of “Are you ok” or “Is there anything that is bothering you that we can answer or help you with” was continually asked throughout the process”.