What it means to be a coal miner's daughter?

The lyrics of Loretta Lynn’s classic “Coalminers Daughter” rings true in the offices of SBL. What many people don’t know is that all current staff of SBL are coal miner's daughters. 

Kerri Shaw’s father worked underground for 25 years and spent the last 13 years as a District Check Inspector enforcing the highest level of workplace safety in the coal industry. Kerri's father in law and brothers in law have also spent many years working in both open cut and underground coal mines.

Gemma’s father, grandfather and great grandfather were all underground coal miners. Her father worked in the coal industry for 40 years spending much of that time as a union delegate and retired in a nationally elected position. Gemma's husband has worked in the coal industry for over a decade and continues to do so along with her brother, uncles and cousins. 

Erin's father spent many years working in the underground coalfields of Lithgow as well as the Hunter Valley before retiring in recent years. Erin’s husband, brother and brother in law are also both career coal miners.

Why is this relevant you may ask?

The rights of injured coal miners in New South Wales are unique and this includes both entitlements for miners injured during the course of their employment but also travelling to and from work.

Not only are the compensations rights of coal miners different, the interaction between the workers compensation legislation and industrial instruments are such that it can make giving legal advice in this area notoriously challenging. We have a detailed understanding of the industrial entitlements along with the industry specific superannuation and long service leave legislation.

Our point of difference is that we are experienced lawyers who not only know how the law applies to coal miners; we have a greater appreciation of the nature of the work and the lifestyle which attaches itself to working in the mining industry.

We have acted for hundreds of injured coal miners in recent years and understand the intricacies of both underground and surface mining operations.

It is simply a privilege and one none of us take for granted.

If you work in the coal mining industry and need advice, please get in touch.