Start with the 'WHY' - The 'WHY' of Shaw & Bunner Legal


There has been much in the media of late about finding your purpose. Find your "why" - the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you to do what you do. If you listen to the infamous TED Talk by Simon Sinek, he asserts that it is from this answer that you can truly know how you are going to do something and what you actually do.

This thought process caused us to really consider the reason why we wanted to start our legal practice and to be honest there were many. The overriding "why" for us however is our belief that every client and their future matters. We believe that clients who come to a legal professional for help should be provided with a good experience from start to finish in whatever area of law it may relate to. We feel that it is our purpose to provide a service that is personable and client focused. This stems from a desire to foster a connection with clients. To be authentic and genuine in our approach to clients. To care.

So exactly how do we propose to do this I hear you ask? It is simple really - to offer a good service to clients. By being approachable and personable. By taking the time to listen. By utilising our skills to apply the law in a way that is helpful.  We value the client experience from that initial contact with our office. We pride ourselves on returning phone calls and messages. By offering a friendly and welcoming office environment.

An what do we do? We are experienced lawyers and solicitors. We have many years of experience working in a large law firm. We have taken that knowledge and combined it with personable skills to provide a boutique, localised legal offering.

If you would like to experience first hand our client focused approach to service, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.