Ambitions as an 11 year old - to be a Solicitor and eat Chicken & Mayonnaise Sandwiches

Written by Gemma Bunner, Principal Lawyer

In a recent tidy up of my house, I stumbled across my Grade 6 year book which made for entertaining reading. I was a sixth grader and we were asked to provide answers to a range of topics.

In the questionnaire I nominated chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches as my most favourite food and my Year 6 photo was placed alongside my Kindergarten photos to show how much I had grown through my primary school years.

What astounded me however was my response to the “Dreams and Ambitions” question. I had answered: “To be a solicitor and go sky diving”. I can confidently confirm the latter part of that dream has not come true and the dream to sky dive no longer lingers.

Fast forward a few decades and here I am.

I have spent some time reflecting on what may have attracted me to the idea of being a “solicitor” at such a young age. I was surprised that I even knew what a solicitor was at eleven years of age, let alone that I wanted to be one.

I believe it stemmed from the idea that a solicitor helped people. Even at eleven years of age, I had a genuine desire to assist people; to provide a solution and advocate on behalf of others. The law was, and remains, an opportunity to help people and to use your skill set to the advantage of others.

The discovery also caused me to reflect on my childhood and the way in which it has shaped my career progression to date. I grew up in a small town and enjoyed a childhood of simple living. A town full of kind, salt-of-the-earth and hard-working people. The experiences and groundings of my upbringing continue to dictate my values today.

I enjoy meeting new people. I love hearing their narratives. I value community mindedness. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of the Hunter Valley community. The decision to open a legal practice here came from identifying a need for a local and experienced legal service.

And the local cafe make a killer chicken and mayonnaise sandwich!