Shaw & Bunner Legal Guest Speakers at the Branxton VIEW Club

In June we were invited to lunch with the Branxton VIEW Club and an opportunity to present on the topic of Estate Planning. Community connections are a key focus for us here at SBL and it was lovely to meet with the local members.

The VIEW Club reported on our visit in the current edition of the Branxton Greta Vineyards News (Issue 480) as follows:

“Branxton VIEW Club were fortunate to have local solicitors Gemma Bunner and Kerri Shaw as our guest speakers in June. Gemma told us about the three main services available at their practice, Conveyancing, Wills and Estate Planning and Personal Injury and Compensation.

Gemma handed out a fact sheet on Estate Planning which covered simple explanations such as “What is a Wall? What is a Power of Attorney? What is an Enduring Guardian?”

Special interest to our members and guest was Gemma’s advice re: Enduring Guardianship re: health care – if one looses capacity to make decision and a reminder to update our wills with changes in our life. Questions were invited from the attentive audience and answered well by Gemma. I’m sure we could have listened to Gemma’s advice for another hour.

Well done, Gemma d Kerri and many thanks for your informative presentation. Your business will thrive, especially with the future growth of Huntlee and other local developments”

Thank you to the VIEW Club – it was great to meet with you and we are so grateful for your support.