Thinking of Selling your Home - Q&A with R&W Real Estate Branxton

From our perspective, when a vendor looks to sell their home they provide us with instructions  to draft the Contract for Sale. But beyond that, what things should a person consider when they decide when to list their home for sale and how to decide which agent to list with?

We recently caught up with local real estate agents Andrew Thomas and Leanne Cooper of R&W Real Estate Branxton to talk all things real estate and got their view on a few key areas:-

Q: If you are considering selling your home, when is a good time to speak to a real estate agent?

The best time to speak to an agent is as soon as you are thinking about selling. Even if you don’t plan to sell for some 12 to 18 months, it is useful to get to know and understand your local market. It can be helpful to start going to open homes of comparable properties, keep an eye on what the market is doing and start doing your research.

It can be a good time to start preparing the property to list.  It may also be helpful to get an agents idea on any improvements that you could make to the property before selling. For example, you may wish to complete any improvements some 6 to 12 months before you actually list the property.

Q: What are some key things to consider when deciding which real estate agent is the most suitable for your property?

 It really is a personal thing. Everyone has different ideas and different vendors are looking for different things. Some people are attracted to an agents’ personality and look for someone they can talk to. Others are more focused on the commission rate or the marketing package that an agent can offer.

Our advice would be to look for the agent that really knows your market and understands your community. You should also look for an agent who demonstrates skills in negotiation and marketing. Ask for other peoples opinions and look at testimonials from other clients.

Q: What are your top tips on preparing your house to sell?

Presentation is key. You really need to make a great first impression from the moment someone pulls up at the property. Statistics show that a potential buyer will decide whether they are interested in a property within the first 15 seconds of the property inspection.

Basic things make a really big difference and things to consider are:

·         Spring clean and complete general maintenance

·         Declutter

·         Depersonalise

·         Select a Style and Colour Palette (try to use neutral, warm and inviting colours)

·         Focus on Key Rooms (use cushions, a throw or rug to add pattern or contrast)

·         Focus on Mood (use natural lighting, white globes in lamps)

·         Create a Clean Fresh Smell (use fresh flowers or a fresh smelling room deodoriser)

When it comes to listing the property, investing in professional photography is really important. 90% of properties are first viewed online. The first impression of your property will start with the quality of the photographs.

We hope these tips have been useful for you if you are thinking about selling. To find out more from the team at R&W Branxton, you can find them at

Happy Selling!