Shaw & Bunner Legal feature in THE COALFACE MAGAZINE

We were fortunate to be interviewed for THE COALFACE recently and were delighted to read the article which has just been released. We have extracted the article below:-

THE LEGAL HAS LANDED - The COALFACE Magazine (Vol 2 No 7: April - May 2018)

In February 2018, the doors of Shaw & Bunner Legal opened in the historic old State Bank of NSW building in Branxton making it the first time in remembered history that Branxton and Greta have their own legal firm.

Lawyers Gemma Bunner and Kerri Shaw both come from a long line of coal mining families and have taken a big leap of faith to start their own business and bring legal services to the area.

“We’ve both spent many years working in large firms, gaining invaluable experience, however we wanted to be part of something more. Being raised in coal mining communities, we felt that was where we could make the biggest difference. We want to offer a personalised service that is often lacking in the bigger firms and we couldn’t think of a better place to raise our families and become part of a community then here” Gemma said. Gemma and Kerri both specialise in coal mining injuries and workplace safety on mine sites. Their specialised knowledge of the compensation system as it applies to workers injured in or about a coal mine will no doubt be an asset to our coal mining community. The rights and entitlements of injured coalminers are unique and differ from other workers in NSW, so it is reassuring to know that we have their expert services available.

“We are both coal miners’ daughters. It is a privilege that neither of us take for granted and has given us a unique appreciation of the coal industry having grown up within the communities it embraces” Gemma told us.

In addition to their expertise in personal injury law, Shaw & Bunner Legal are also experienced in the areas of conveyancing, can help with the drafting of wills and powers of attorney, assist with the administration of estates and much more.

When I went to visit Gemma and Kerri, it was clear that they are both very passionate about what they do and are committed to establishing themselves here. “We have only had our doors open for a month, but we have already received so much support which we are very thankful for. Lots of people have dropped in to say hello which is great. We are looking forward to extending our involvement within the community in the coming months” Kerri said.

@TheCoalface commends Gemma and Kerri for their commitment to the local community and providing us with a much-needed service. If you need some legal advice, head to their office on Maitland Street or even just pop in to say welcome to the neighbourhood! It’s good to see a couple of coal kids done well and that’s why we’re only too happy to give them a plug!

A heartfelt THANK YOU to the team at THE COALFACE for supporting our venture. They produce a great publication and if you haven’t already checked them out, jump on over to 

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